Surgical Technique

The operation consists of stereotactic implantation of brain electrodes and the implantation of a pacemaker. In patients suffering from a motor disorder, the stereotactic implantation of the brain electrodes takes place under local anesthesia with the simultaneous administration of strong pain medication, which is infused through a vein in the arm. It is therefore necessary for the patient to be actively involved so as to confirm the calculated target area through extensive neurological examinations and tests during the operation and/or to rule out any acute side effects of the stimulation treatment.

Phases of this awake surgery that do not require any participation by the patient are bridged by short-acting sleep-inducing drugs. Throughout the awake surgery the patient is constantly supported by the team of anesthetists, physicians from the University Department of Neurology, and physiotherapists. In the case of patients with the most severe dystonia and/or all patients with non-motor disorders, the brain electrodes are implanted under full anesthesia. No matter what the disease, the pacemaker is always implanted under full anesthesia.


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