Operating Procedure

For functional stereotactic interventions, all hair is removed from the head on the day of the operation. The stereotactic targeting system is then attached to the head. After intraoperative stereotactic CT and fusion of the MRI examination carried out preoperatively, the operation is planned. To implant each brain electrode it is necessary to make an approximately 3-4 cm long skin incision and a burr hole of approx. 8 mm diameter. After being implanted in the brain tissue, the brain electrodes are positioned under the skin and attached to a connecting cable.  This cable is either fed through the skin for a few days for testing purposes or prepared via an additional cut in the skin behind the ear for connection to the pacemaker. Afterwards the skin is closed with sutures. During the consultation about your operation we will discuss whether or not a temporary electrode drain will be required.

For the implantation of the pacemaker, which will either take place on the day of the brain electrode implantation or - if you require an electrode drain - a few days after the brain electrodes have been inserted, a skin incision will be required below the clavicle. The pacemaker is usually implanted on the right-hand side. At this time the skin incision behind the ear will be opened up again. Once all of the parts of the stimulation system have been positioned under the skin and connected to one another, the skin will be sutured.

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